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When this mistress is disappointed, there is no telling what she can or cannot do. Everything is fair game to her and today she decided to humiliate her slave with her bare feet. She turned him into a foot slave and she gagged him with her feet. He was shocked at what she did to him and he learned his lesson the hard way. He never failed in his duties after that.

Mistress Madison was mad at her slave and she had to humiliate him. She did not want him to take her for granted so she did her best to torture him and do it in a way he never expected. The mistress picked food with her feet or she stepped on it and he had to eat it from her feet. He was humiliated but could not do anything about it.

Mistress Persa did not like her neighbor because he was constantly hitting on her and making her uncomfortable. She had told him that she was not interested but he did not stop it. She was offended and today she decided to do something about it. So she turned him into a foot slave and made him lick the soles of her high heels. He never bothered her again after that.

Mistress Van Licks and her friends had beef with this guy and it was important for them to teach him a lesson. It was the kind that he would never forget for as long as he lived. That is why the mistresses chose to take him to the woods and to dominate him with their feet. He was foot gagged, he was made to lick dirty feet and he was also trampled and choked too.

This mistress did not want anything to do with her ex. But when he came crying to her, she had to help him. But first of all, he had to lick the soles of her high heels before she could even listen to him let alone helping him. He had no choice but to do it as he really needed her help and he had also hurt her which had led to their breakup.

With her dirty feet, lady Scarlet was able to make this guy do what she wanted and she was also able to put him in his place. The poor guy had to lick her bare feet and also do the same to her boots. The boots were especially dirty and made the punishment even crueler but that is what lady Scarlet wanted and that is what he had to do.

Mistress Lana had dirty feet and she had to ensure that she used the same dirty feet to torture this slave. The slave took a lot for granted and the mistress had to put an end to that nonsense. That is why she used her dirty feet to force the slave to learn that there were consequences for that kind of behavior. And that if he messed up, he would be in serious trouble.

Goddess Kiffa and her friend goddess Grazi wanted to make sure that this stalker stopped stalking them. They had at first thought that it was romantic and they loved it and were flattered but it got annoying and it turned to something that angered them and they had to take care of it. So they turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their dirty feet and they promised to ball crush him if he did not stop. He stopped.

Mistress Alice felt that her maid was taking advantage of her good nature and she felt that it was time to show her the other side of her that the maid had never seen before. The mistress forced the girl to lick her feet which were smelly and sweaty purposely for that punishment. The mistress asked her to do it well or she would get to lick the soles of her shoes which were dirtier.

Mistress Valeria and mistress Nicole had an issue with this guy because he did not seem to know his place. The mistresses had to put him in his place and they did it by making him lick their dirty feet. The mistresses had muddy feet and they used them to force him to do what they wanted. And to make it worse, the guy was forced to lick their saliva.

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