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This slave was tired but she felt like humiliating this guy. That is why she did not go easy on him. She made sure that by the time she was done with him, he had learned his lesson and that he was humiliated like she wanted. This involved having the slave lick the soles of the mistress' boots as she sat back and watched him do what she instructed him.

Goddess Mia wanted to show off her sneakers and dirty feet. She knew that that was the best way to deal with this slave as well as to have fun herself. So she did not waste any time in having the guy lick her feet as well as smell her stinky socks. He was told that he would be trampled and choked with the same sneakers if he did not toe the line. He did.

Mistress Dana is a clean girl but she likes to make sure her feet are dirty when she wants to punish someone. That is what she did today when her boyfriend pissed her off. She was angry at him and she made him lick dirty as well as smelly feet for him to know how much he had angered her. He never repeated that as he did not know what she would do next.

This mistress does not like boring people. And since this girl had insisted on wanting to hang out with her, she did not have a choice but to turn her into an interesting person. The mistress felt that the best way to deal with her was to gag her and in so doing, make her learn about gag fetish and also foot domination. It was fun and interesting for her.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend mistress Kim wanted to make their party lively. So they brought this foot slave and they had him lick and suck the feet of their friends. But before they took him out there to do so, they had to test whether he was worth it. They had him lick their feet and their shoes before they jerked him off with their high heels. He passed.

Lady Pascal had tried to punish these guys but they did not stop doing the things she had punished them about. This was because she had given them a soft punishment and they did not fear it or her. So she changed tact today and had them caged before she had them undressed and licking her boots with a whip in her hand ready to use it on their bare bodies.

This guy was too needy and mistresses Agma, Dina and Jucy felt that it was not a good look for him and he had to change. So the mistresses asked him to change and when he did not, he had to be made to. The mistresses dominated him with dirty feet to make him realize that he had to stop being too needy. It was also a turn off for most girls.

Lady Maya was shocked to find out that she had a dumb slave. She had never had a dumb slave before and this took her back. She did not know how to handle him. She sat and thought about it long and hard before she came up with a way to humiliate him as a way to motivate him to stop being dump. The mistress trampled him and had him lick dirty feet.

Mistress Dula and her friends had a great time at their girls night out. They are adventurous girls and they love trying all kinds of fun activities. Today they cruelly trampled and dominated these two guys using their bare feet. The mistresses also had their feet licked and they used the same dirty feet to gag the guys and humiliate them more than they had been before in their lives.

Lady Stefanie does not like it when people get too comfortable with her to the extent that they do things she does not like. This slave started badmouthing her because he did not believe that she could do anything about it. But when she found out, she was so mad that she made him lick dirty feet as punishment. And he had to do it as he had no alternative.

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