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Lady Stefanie and her friend mistress Reell had time on their hands and they did not know what to do with it. They felt that the best way to handle their time was to dominate this guy and they did it without caring what the guy felt. They had him lick their feet and do all other things that they wanted him to do. He had no say in the matter and had to comply with them.

Lady Stefanie did not want to have an unknowledgeable slave anywhere near her and she felt that the best way to handle him was to force him to lick her feet as well as to lick her smelly and dirty socks for the message to sink in. Once he got the message, she was sure he would take the appropriate steps to change or improve himself. He did after the punishment.

Lady Stefanie does not like it when people get too comfortable with her to the extent that they do things she does not like. This slave started badmouthing her because he did not believe that she could do anything about it. But when she found out, she was so mad that she made him lick dirty feet as punishment. And he had to do it as he had no alternative.

Lady Stefanie felt that her slave was too gross for her and she had to punish him for it. She chose to use her dirty feet to do it and in no time, the guy was made to lick her soles, her socks as well as to lick her dirty toes. The guy regretted what he had done and he begged her to forgive her but she did not forgive her.

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