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This guy was too touchy for mistress Dana and she had to make him stop it. The mistress had the guy lick her boots and also lick her feet. She did not care how humiliating it was as she did not like his actions. And since she wanted him to stop that behavior, she had to ensure that he learned his lesson the hard way and that he stopped it.

Goddess Gabriella wanted to keep her slave busy so she did what she had never done before. The mistress had her dirty feet in mind as she planned his punishment. It was a cruel one for him as she chose to make him lick them as well as smell them. The poor guy could not believe what he was made to do but he was kept busy by the mistress nonetheless.

Goddess Mia wanted to show off her sneakers and dirty feet. She knew that that was the best way to deal with this slave as well as to have fun herself. So she did not waste any time in having the guy lick her feet as well as smell her stinky socks. He was told that he would be trampled and choked with the same sneakers if he did not toe the line. He did.

This girl needed to be put in her place and goddess Mia did not waste any time in doing so. She ensured that she cruelly taught the girl a lesson she would not forget. This was done by forcing the guy to lick her dirty feet as well as to endure chewing her stinky socks. The girl was threatened with boob crushing and she got scared and toed the line.

Goddess Nika had a slave who was not as clean as she wanted him to be. He was a little smelly and the mistress had to punish him. The mistress chose to dominate as well as degrade him and she did this using her dirty feet. He had to lick those dirty feet before she gagged him using the same feet and lastly was able to trample him as well.

This mistress does not like boring people. And since this girl had insisted on wanting to hang out with her, she did not have a choice but to turn her into an interesting person. The mistress felt that the best way to deal with her was to gag her and in so doing, make her learn about gag fetish and also foot domination. It was fun and interesting for her.

Goddess Nika was fed up with the unwanted interest she had from her neighbor. She had to make sure that he stopped that interest in her and that is why she chose to use her dirty feet to humiliate and dominate him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he cried as she forced him to lick her feet and also endure being trampled by the same dirty feet.

Lady Stefanie felt that her slave was too gross for her and she had to punish him for it. She chose to use her dirty feet to do it and in no time, the guy was made to lick her soles, her socks as well as to lick her dirty toes. The guy regretted what he had done and he begged her to forgive her but she did not forgive her.

Mistress Zoey and mistress Avril wanted this guy to lick their feet. So they asked him to do it and he tried to refuse. When they forced him, he did it but he was not good. So they humiliated him a little before they gave him instructions on how to lick their feet. He followed the instructions and he licked them as well as they wanted and he also licked them clean as they were dirty.

This mistress had thought that her new slave knew how to foot lick because when she asked him, he had told to her that he knew how to do it but it turned out that he did not. So the mistress went out of her way to teach him but since he had lied, she had to add a twist to it. The twist was when she used her dirty feet to teach him.

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