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Lady Shay was shocked to find that her soles had not been cleaned. She knew it was her slave's responsibility to do so. When he did not do so, he had to be punished and she did it by forcing him to lick her soles until they were very clean. The mistress loved seeing what he did and she warned him not to fail to clean them in regular fashion using soap and water if he wanted to avoid such punishments.

This guy had promised mistress Akella and mistress BlackDiamoond that he would give them the best threesome of their lives and leave them wanting more. But he disappointed them and none of them came. The mistresses were so disappointed that they had to make him pay for his lies. He was trampled while naked and turned into a shoe and sole licker. He regretted what he had promised them but he was secretly happy he had had a threesome with them.

These mistresses loved enjoying their own company but this mouthy girl was trying to join their circle. They were not comfortable with her because she was too mouthy. They tried to give her a chance but she was too mouthy for them that they had to put her in her place by trampling her and dominating her in a way she had never been before. She was manhandled and felt pain and humiliation in equal measure.

Goddess Nika had a slave who was not as clean as she wanted him to be. He was a little smelly and the mistress had to punish him. The mistress chose to dominate as well as degrade him and she did this using her dirty feet. He had to lick those dirty feet before she gagged him using the same feet and lastly was able to trample him as well.

This mistress does not like boring people. And since this girl had insisted on wanting to hang out with her, she did not have a choice but to turn her into an interesting person. The mistress felt that the best way to deal with her was to gag her and in so doing, make her learn about gag fetish and also foot domination. It was fun and interesting for her.

This guy was too needy and mistresses Agma, Dina and Jucy felt that it was not a good look for him and he had to change. So the mistresses asked him to change and when he did not, he had to be made to. The mistresses dominated him with dirty feet to make him realize that he had to stop being too needy. It was also a turn off for most girls.

Goddess Nika was fed up with the unwanted interest she had from her neighbor. She had to make sure that he stopped that interest in her and that is why she chose to use her dirty feet to humiliate and dominate him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he cried as she forced him to lick her feet and also endure being trampled by the same dirty feet.

This guy was a sissy and this mistress felt that the best way to deal with him was to scare him shitless. That way, he would always obey her and do whatever she asked because fear was a strong motivator. He would not want to piss her off. So she cruelly turned him into a foot slave and had him lick and smell her dirty feet until they were clean.

This girl was gorgeous. She was curvy and she was pretty. All of that was fine until she started hitting on mistress Leona's man. She was not going to let it slide so she used dirty feet to humiliate her. Mistress Leona trampled her all over her body and even had her lick her muddy and dirty feet. She was scared and apologized to her and her man before she was allowed to go.

Lady Noir needed to send a message to this guy and she did it in a way the guy never expected her to. She was out to make sure that he would not be tempted to piss her off again so she trampled him and when she was done, she had him lick the soles of her shoes first and then gagged him with her bare feet. The message was home.

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