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Sexy girls showing off their dirty feet

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Mistress Dula was not ok with how unstable her slave was emotionally. She wanted to teach him some emotional intelligence and she did so using her boots. The mistress had fun humiliating him and she did so with the help of her friend. The two of them told him that for as along as he did not improve on his emotional intelligence and stability, they would continue to dominate him.

Mistress Dula and her friends had a great time at their girls night out. They are adventurous girls and they love trying all kinds of fun activities. Today they cruelly trampled and dominated these two guys using their bare feet. The mistresses also had their feet licked and they used the same dirty feet to gag the guys and humiliate them more than they had been before in their lives.

Mistress Dula and her slave had longstanding issues that they needed to sort out. The mistress asked him to lie down and she trampled the shit out of him. But to make it worth her while, she had invited her friends to help her do it. They came in their numbers and helped her to trample the shit out of him until he learned not to mess with mistress Dula.

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