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Lady Shay wanted her dirty feet to be her punishment tool of choice for her slave. She felt that he did not do things the right way and for that, he had to be punished. That is why she did not hesitate to punish him and she made sure that he would not forget what she did to him. He never messed up after what she had done to him.

Lady Shay was shocked to find that her soles had not been cleaned. She knew it was her slave's responsibility to do so. When he did not do so, he had to be punished and she did it by forcing him to lick her soles until they were very clean. The mistress loved seeing what he did and she warned him not to fail to clean them in regular fashion using soap and water if he wanted to avoid such punishments.

Lady Shay wanted to dominate this guy and she felt that instead of using pain to do it, she chose to do it in a painless way using her water. The mistress took off her socks and she squeezed water and sweat out of them and into a glass. She then had him drink the water mixed with sweat. He was shocked but had to do it as he knew she would be mad if he did not.

Lady Shay had dirty feet and she wanted them cleaned. She did not feel like going to the bathroom on her own and taking a shower. So she asked her slave to lick her bare feet which were sweaty as well as smelly. The slave knew he had no option but to do as he had been instructed. He was degraded but he licked them as well as she wanted.

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