Dirty Feet Girls

Sexy girls showing off their dirty feet

Mistress Gaia wanted to humiliate this guy. She knew he wanted her and so she flirted with him and she turned him on. They went back to her house where her boyfriend was. She made out with her boyfriend while the guy was made to lick her boyfriend's shoes as they made out. He could do nothing about it and had to suffer the humiliation of being cuckolded. She even made him lick her spit.

Mistress Ginger was pissed to learn that her feet smelled. She was not amused about it and she accused her slave of not cleaning her shoes properly. She did not even give him a chance to respond. She immediately punished him for it by making him lick her dirty feet. She had to teach him to clean her shoes better. She only let him go when she got bored of it.

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