Dirty Feet Girls

Sexy girls showing off their dirty feet

Mistress Sofie wanted her slave to do what she had asked him. She did not want to repeat herself and her slave seemed to always want her to repeat what she had said. She was pissed about that and she told him to pay attention. He had no choice but to do it as she used her dirty feet to punish him and warned him of worse if he did not change.

Mistress Gaia was walking in the woods when this guy started stalking her. She noticed and she laid a trap for him. She caught him and she humiliated him as punishment. She had to make him stop it and he had no choice but to do it. She made him lick her dirty shoes and especially the soles before she let him go and warned him never to stalk her again.

This mistress had noticed that her slave was smelling drunk. She did not want her slave to drink while living under her roof so she punished him to make sure he would never do it again. She forced him to lick her sweaty and dirty feet and she also got him to endure her painful trampling. She liked how he did not complain about the punishment and he promised to learn from it.

Madame Marissa wanted to her slave to learn from his mistakes. But he was not sharp enough to do some on his own. So she helped him but she did it cruelly and painfully. She forced the loser to lie down and she facesat on him. She smothered him with her ass and she also choked him with her feet as she inserted one after the other into his mouth.

Lady Shay had dirty feet and she wanted them cleaned. She did not feel like going to the bathroom on her own and taking a shower. So she asked her slave to lick her bare feet which were sweaty as well as smelly. The slave knew he had no option but to do as he had been instructed. He was degraded but he licked them as well as she wanted.

Goddess Nika did not like how her slave did not clean her boots properly. So she used them to punish him. She forced him to lick them and she trampled him with the same boots. She had no mercy for him as he knew how much she loved the boots but he did not clean them as well as he should have. It was time for him to learn from his mistake.

Mistress Natasha was worried about her slave's new behavior. She had not punished him in a while and she was afraid he was beginning to take things for granted. So she punished him cruelly and she forced him to lick the soles of her boots. She made sure they were dirty before she made him lick them. That reminded him what a cruel mistress she can be if she meant to be and he refrained from doing things to piss her.

This mistress loves walking barefoot around the house. But she forgot that she was not wearing anything and she went outside. She came back to the house with dirty feet but she was not worried as she called her slave and she asked him to lick her feet clean. That is because she did not feel like going to wash her feet. She wanted to watch a movie and she got him to do it while he watched her movie.

Lady B wanted to prove to this guy that she was not as harmless as he believed she was. She had to teach him a lesson and she did so cruelly. She forced the guy to lick her boots and he did so after she had stepped on mud with them. She degraded him as she did not want to inflict pain on him. She felt degrading him would be better than torturing him using pain.

Mistress Tiffany Taylor wanted to get her feet dirty so that she could use them to humiliate and torture a guy she had always wanted to punish. She wore her boots and waded in mud and she went to him. She forced him to lick the mud from her shoes and even though he did not get them clean, at least he was punished and more importantly, degraded and humiliated.

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