Dirty Feet Girls

Sexy girls showing off their dirty feet

This guy was too needy and mistresses Agma, Dina and Jucy felt that it was not a good look for him and he had to change. So the mistresses asked him to change and when he did not, he had to be made to. The mistresses dominated him with dirty feet to make him realize that he had to stop being too needy. It was also a turn off for most girls.

Missy Van Licks and her friends lady BlackDiamoond and lady Adora wanted to test their new slaves and they took them to the woods for that. The mistresses wanted to make sure that they dealt with them to find out how well they took instructions as well as how much pain and humiliation they could take. They pushed them hard to get their breaking points as that was important info for them.

Mistress Dana noticed that this guy was gullible and she had to exploit it for her own fun. The mistress had the guy lick her boots after she was done making him do so, she laughed at him as she could not believe that he had swallowed her lies and gotten to do such a humiliating thing. He did not see it coming and he felt foolish for believing her.

This guy was too incompetent for this mistress to forget what he had done. She did not want to let him continue his incompetence so she used her shit to punish him. He was made to lick the soles of her sneakers but it did not matter and the mistress did not care what he felt. He had to learn his lesson and he was bright enough to do so.

Lady Shay wanted to dominate this guy and she felt that instead of using pain to do it, she chose to do it in a painless way using her water. The mistress took off her socks and she squeezed water and sweat out of them and into a glass. She then had him drink the water mixed with sweat. He was shocked but had to do it as he knew she would be mad if he did not.

Lady Maya was shocked to find out that she had a dumb slave. She had never had a dumb slave before and this took her back. She did not know how to handle him. She sat and thought about it long and hard before she came up with a way to humiliate him as a way to motivate him to stop being dump. The mistress trampled him and had him lick dirty feet.

Mistress Theona wanted her slave to know that they were not friends and that she could not do anything she wanted without permission from her. She had noticed that the girl slave liked to do whatever she wanted without clearing with her first. So she put an end to that by forcing her to lick the soles of her high heels. The slave never assumed anything else in her life.

Mistress Dula and her friends had a great time at their girls night out. They are adventurous girls and they love trying all kinds of fun activities. Today they cruelly trampled and dominated these two guys using their bare feet. The mistresses also had their feet licked and they used the same dirty feet to gag the guys and humiliate them more than they had been before in their lives.

Lady Stefanie does not like it when people get too comfortable with her to the extent that they do things she does not like. This slave started badmouthing her because he did not believe that she could do anything about it. But when she found out, she was so mad that she made him lick dirty feet as punishment. And he had to do it as he had no alternative.

Goddess Mia was mad at her husband for not meeting his end of the bargain. They had agreed to share house responsibilities but he had not been meeting his part of the deal and she was not pleased with him. So she expressed her disappointment by making him lick the soles of her feet and also having him smell her stinky socks. He never forgot to meet his share of the responsibilities.

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